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Prescription Eyeglasses

Prescription glasses are available for virtually any prescription. Our staff is trained to provide you with personalized service to help you choose the right frame, style and lenses throughout your experience.


Whether for eye-protection or to look good, Sunglasses are an important accessory to enhance your lifestyle. You can select from a wide range of brand names, stylish textures and unique elements of design.

Contact Lenses

Whether you want a fresh look, the freedom to be more active or an all  round vision with no restriction, contact lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses. We carry a large selection of contact lenses.

Eye Exam

Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms, so you might not know a problem exists. Early diagnosis and treatment by eye doctor can help prevent vision loss

Advanced Tech

The Optikam® Technology offers you a virtual selection experience of how premium lens options can enhance your vision even before you purchase your glasses by obtaining an accurate measurement.

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