Saving time and maintaining accuracy is essential in today’s competitive Eyewear profession. Keeping up to date with the innovative and advanced technology can help accomplish both.

At Better Vision Eyewear, we moved beyond the traditional devices for eye measurements. Optikam® Technology and our on-site lab facility enables us to provide one-hour* dispensing services with enhanced accuracy.

(* Some conditions apply. Call us for details.)

Breakthrough Technology


Optikam® Technology is used to capture all the advanced optical eye wear measurements using multiple markers to give you the best vision and ensure that your glasses are a perfect fit for you. Unlike traditional handheld devices, Optikam® Technology digitally measures the exact location of your pupils, the spacing of your eyes and the shape of your glasses as they would fit on your face. This information helps us placing your prescription lenses in your eyeglass frame exactly so that you can see the world out of your eyes as crisp and clear as never before. Optikam® Technology also demonstrates the advantages of our premium lens options, various lens coatings and tints in a quick and interactive way.

Direct Insurance Billing

We bill select major insurance companies directly! Please present your insurance card on arrival.